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Ice Cream Sundae Cups *Box of 6

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Sabrina Sundae Cups

Discover convenience and delight with our sundae cups. Each box features 6 luscious 150ml cups, perfect for enjoying individual portions of heavenly sundaes.

Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Saucedelight in the heavenly combination of smooth vanilla ice cream enveloped in a decadent chocolate sauce.

Vanilla ice cream & Butterscotch Sauce – Creamy vanilla ice cream engulfed in luscious butterscotch syrup. A tantalizing trat that will satisfy your sweetest cravings.

Vanilla ice cream & Bubblegum Sauce – Creamy vanilla ice cream surrounded by playful blue Bubblegum syrup, creating a treat that’s as fun to eat as it is delicious.

Vanilla Frozen yoghurt & Granadilla Sauce – Creamy Vanilla frozen yogurt enveloped in tangy granadilla syrup, delivering a tropical burst of flavours in every spoonful.

Vanilla Frozen yoghurt & Strawberry Sauce – Creamy vanilla frozen yoghurt wrapped in a sweet strawberry syrup, creating a Tangy and refreshing treat.

Vanilla Frozen yoghurt & Berry Bliss Sauce - Creamy vanilla frozen yoghurt enveloped in a luscious blend of juicy berries for a delightful and refreshing treat.

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