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  • At what temperature should the ice cream be stored?
    Please ensure that ice cream is stored at -21 °C or colder. Remember that ice cream gets soft at -15 °C and will then start to crystalize. Please do not break the cold chain as it compromises the quality of the ice cream as well as the shelf life.
  • Is the ice cream gluten free?
    Bambini has many flavours that are gluten free. However, if our product contains gluten, its presence would be indicated on the label by the word “wheat flour”.
  • Is the ice cream suitable for diabetics?
    Although we use much less sugar than most, our regular ice cream is not suitable for a strict diabetic diet.
  • What makes our ice cream stand out from the other ice cream manufacturers?
    We have been manufacturing ice cream with pride and passion since 1882 using recipes passed down from our Great Grandfather, Bortolo Belfi.
  • Is it safe to eat your ice cream after the date on the package?
    The date on the package is the best before date. It is not the expiration date of the product. Under proper storage conditions, we expect that our ice cream will maintain peak quality until that date. This time period is merely a guideline as product can be acceptable much longer if handled properly.
  • How many scoops can you get from a 5L ice cream?
    +- 50 golf ball sized scoops.
  • What is the minimum delivery fee?
    The minimum order requirement is R250 and delivery is free.
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