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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Our legacy

138 years ago, my great great-grandfather, Bortolo Belfi crafted our family’s very first ice-cream.

Generation after generation the legacy continued until it was my father’s gift to share. My father Miguel Belfi had a dream to move to South Africa and

provide South Africans with authentic Italian ice-cream and adapted the 138-year-old recipe to suit the South African palate.

In 1994, my father and mother started a small ice-cream shop named “La Veneziana” in a tiny town called Magaliesburg, my hometown.

The desire for their ice-cream grew strong and soon their business had to as well to supply the increasing demand so in 1999 they started to build their very own factory on our farm.

I was 3 years old at the time and already then, I had my place in the family business. I sat and handed my dad each brick that he then used to build his factory brick by brick.

That is why I am so honoured to be able to carry on my family history and open Bambini Ice-cream and become my family’s 5 th generation ice-cream maker. I decided to call my

business “Bambini” which means children in Italian because I find that our family inheritance, our unique recipe has

provided each of the Belfi children over the generations, the opportunity to deliver quality ice-cream that is incomparable to others and is still made with real ingredients. I am blessed to be guided by my parents so that I can replicate the smiles that their ice-cream once made on their customers faces. - Luca Belfi

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